WVAWC Barboursville Storage Tank, Pre Construction Video and Photography, September 2020

Contractor – Orders Construction

Barboursville, Cabell County, West Virginia
WVAWC Barboursville Storage Tank Pre Construction
Pre Construction Video and Construction Photography
September 2020

ALL PRO USA headed to western West Virginia to a town near Charleston, WV. The town that we traveled to was Barbousville, West Virginia, which is in Cabell County. We were hired to come out by the contractor Orders Construction. The project that they were tasked with was the installation of a new storage tank for the town. The tank would be situated off of a road and up an old logging road that would be used for access. The area was heavily wooded and the point of our documentation was to capture the conditions of the area around the logging road as well as the site at the top where the tank would be going. Since this was an abandoned logging road it was not in condition at the time of the shoot to traverse it with a vehicle. Since this was the case the two person team on the ground traveled the road on foot to capture the footage and photos needed by the contractor. Safety is always a priority for any team that is in the field. Proper high visibility hats and vest were worn by all the team members that were on site.

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For this documentation the team utilized one video camera and one still camera. The video documentation was captured using a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera that was mounted to a DJI Ronin Gimbal. Using this setup allows for a crystal clear and amazingly smooth look at the job site for the contractor. As mentioned earlier the team did all of the shoot for this section handheld and walking up the road. The terrain was not all to challenging since sections of it had been previously cleared for trucks using it for the logging operations. The team split this part of the shoot into two. One of the members of the team was using the Nikon to capture the video, while the other was in charge of the still photography. The team member that was capturing the photography was equip with a Canon 5D MK IV. Using this camera the person capturing the photos worked up the hill and captured pictures about every twenty feet up the hill.  Once the documentation of the logging road was complete the team mounted a Panasonic 4K camera to the RAM 1500 truck. This was done to capture the road surface of the road that ran along the entrance to the logging road. The road was a two lane route that had moderate traffic traveling along it. The team captured the road in both directions of travel to ensure the proper documentation of both lanes of the road. The camera that was mounted to the truck was wired to controls and a monitor inside the vehicle. This allows for one of the members of the team to operate the camera safely. It also allows for the team to use the monitor to ensure that the shot is capturing what needs to be seen in the documentation. The other member of the team was in charge of safe operation of the vehicle at all times. 
The last shot that the team captured was a drone shot of the area that would be used to access the work site. It also covered what could be seen of the logging road from above. This area was heavily wooded and made it difficult to see much but it offered a unique perspective of the job site. In addition, both team members on the job site are FAA certified drone pilots that have passed their part 107 exam. One of the team members acted as the Remote Pilot in Command and the other was the visual observer that ensured safe operation of the drone throughout the flight. The drone that was used is a DJI Mavic Pro 2 and can shoot in up to 4K for video. The team also captured a few photos from the air to give another look at the job site. After the documentation was completed the team began editing the footage at the studio in Pittsburgh, PA. Titles were added to the video documentation to make it easy for the contractor to understand what they were looking at in the shot. The date was also added to the corner of the video to clearly mark when the documentation happened. The contractor then received the documentation in a digital format and the team from ALL PRO USA copied the files to two USB drives and send them to the contractor so they had a physical copy on file as well.

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