Vincennes University Electrical Grid Upgrades, Pre-Construction Photography and Video – September 2020

Contractor – Wabash Utilities

Vincennes University, Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana
University Electrical Upgrades
Pre Construction Photography and Video
September 2020

ALL PRO USA headed to Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana for this project at Vincennes University. The contractor that required our services was a customer that we completed a job for earlier in the year. The contractor was Wabash Utilities, we had traveled to Vincennes for them earlier this year to complete a project in one of the neighborhoods of Vincennes. The contractor was working to upgrade the electrical grid that the campus had on site. They had asked us to document the job site using both video and photography. To capture this documentation the team on site used three different pieces of equipment. For the video the first piece of equipment was a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera, the second was a Canon 5D Mark IV which was used for the still photography documentation. The last piece of equipment was a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to capture aerial views of the job site.

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We've recently completed another project in Vincennes as well as completed work in the surrounding states of Illinois and Michigan.

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When we acquired the job the contractor asked if we would want a side by side or a golf cart to aid in the documentation of the campus. When they asked this we immediately took them up on the offer. Since it was a college campus we could not use the truck to access some of the areas that would need to be documented. Using some innovation the team used a mono pod and a DJI Ronin Gimbal to attach the Nikon Z6 to the golf cart. This allowed for the high angle perspective that we can get with the truck but allowed us to access areas of the campus that the truck could not get to. This also allowed us to provide the contractor with the same elevation for all of the shots and to provide consistency in the documentation.  Once the video documentation was completed we walked the campus and captured the areas that even the golf cart could not reach for video. In addition to this one of the team members walked the entire project with the Canon 5D Mark IV to capture all of the still photography documentation. At this point the FAA Certified Drone Pilot got the drone in the air to complete the documentation. The other member of the team that was on site served as the Visual Observer to help keep eyes on the drone during the documentation. The team utilized the drone at all areas of the job site where the aerial perspective would be beneficial for the contractor.
After the completion of the documentation of the ground at the job site the team returned to the studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At this point the team began the editing process to complete the final product for the contractor. The photos were all categorized by the area of the job that they were captured. The video was edited with the date burned in to the top corner and titles were added to help the contractor understand what part of the project that they were looking at. Once the editing was completed the photos and the videos were uploaded to their respective platforms online. This allows for immediately delivery to the contractor. The files were also copied to two USB flash drives and mailed to the contractor so that they have physical copies on file should they need them. 

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