Top-Quality Video Production in Pittsburgh

Since 1987, when Bob Hartnett founded his video company and shot his first TV ad for Nigros Italian Restaurant, AllProUSA has handled just about every type of video production project imaginable in and around the Pittsburgh area. AllProUSA has grown considerably since those days, but we've never forgotten our roots or that neighborly instinct for which the citizens of Pittsburgh are famous.

Contact Us today, and we'll greet you with the same smile and enthusiasm for your project that we've had since the very beginning.

Cutting Edge Technology and Equipment

Literally every camera we use at AllPro is High Definition, including SONY, PANASONIC, CANON, and GoPRO. Stills are all taken with an industry-standard Canon 5D Mark III. We also offer an array of other technological services like Green Screens, Stedicams, GlideCams, as well as professional-quality video effects and 3D animation.

A top quality video is just pretty pictures without high-quality audio to go along. That's why we offer an arsenal of top-of-the-line microphones, professional voice-over talent, and an endless supply of royalty-free music. AllProUSA is always sure to deliver an end result that is appealing to your eyes, your ears, and your budget. Check out our Video Portfolio and see for yourself!

Pittsburgh Sports and So Much More

When the US Golf Association came to Pennsylvania for the US Open in 2007 and the U.S. Women's Open in 2010, they asked AllProUSA to document both events. We understand what sports mean to fans (especially to Pittsburghers!) Whether it's a pee-wee baseball game, a serious professional competition, a commercial for a Pittsburgh business, or a marketing video for a hot new product, we'll give you every bit of the time and care that we give to the major-leaguers.

In addition to Sports videos, AllProUSA offers production for:

So, no matter what your needs are, Bob Hartnett and the rest of the team at AllProUSA can take you from vision to reality in a breeze!

The Dedication and Experience Your Project Deserves

AllProUSA is your ground-up video production solution in Pittsburgh. We don't just film your video, we're every bit as involved as you need us to be. We offer scripting and storyboarding, expert lighting, scene composition, narration, professional casting, and more, all at broadcast quality, and all right here in the City of Bridges! We've also recently begun offering Spanish translations for both new and old videos!

With so much know-how and dedication right in your back yard, who needs Hollywood? Give us a call at 412-373-9100, or fill out our easy to use Contact Form today!