Video Portfolio

Where a picture speaks a thousand words, a video brings an entire world to life!  On our Video Portfolio page you’ll find a variety of video samples, from corporate training and safety videos to broadcast quality commercials, sports videos, and more.

Web & YouTube Videos

You’ve only got two minutes!  AllProUSA can help you make them count!

Research shows people on the web have an enormous appetite for informational and instructional video, but it has to be short.  “Effective and to the point” are the buzz words when it comes to engaging customer attention online.

Do you know what is the second most searched resource on the web?  YouTube.  Google’s YouTube is now where potential customers go to get a feel for how a company presents its product and services.

Don’t miss out on this important outreach opportunity.  Let AllProUSA help you by designing custom video presentations specifically crafted for presentation on YouTube, Vimeo, and similar on-line sites.

Your Web and YouTube Video needs to:

  • “Pop” among the flood on videos going on-line every day
  • Get your message across in one to two minutes
  • Show what makes your company or product unique
  • Be effective on smaller phone and tablet computer screens

AllProUSA can give you what you need with:

  • High definition, broadcast quality video
  • Pans, zooms, graphic overlays, and more
  • 3D animation and digital effects
  • Scripting and Storyboarding
  • Narration and Music

Let your star shine in the growing on-line community.

Contact AllProUSA today.  Discover how stress free your entry to the world of on-line video can be.