Construction Videos for PA & East United States

Our Mission Statement

ALL PRO USA provides a non biased video appraisal of the pre-construction conditions of work sites and access areas to serve as a baseline in determination of any damage that may be caused by construction. Our team members conduct themselves in a professional manner and abide by the rule of "Safety First" at all times.

Completed Construction Photography and Videography Projects

Below, you'll find a short list of some of the pre-construction videography and photography projects we have worked on recently:

  • Garney Construction- July - August 2018

    Documented pipeline path along LODs Branch Ave.
    from Moores Road to Surratts Road
  • Nobis Engineering - May 2018
    White River Junction, Vermont
    Documented pre construction conditions for Solar Panel Fields
    and travel routes for trucks in and out of the construction zone.
    Road surface, bridges, culverts and road shoulders were the
    focus of the documentation
  • Cavanaugh Building Inc- April 2018
    Hudson Ohio
    Documented pre construction conditions including aerial drone,
    road videos and complete documentation of homeowner and
    business properties.
  • Meridien Energy - April 2018
    Wattsville PA
    Documented pre construction conditions of new gas line in documenting
    road surface conditions and open fields. Vehicle mounted cameras were
    used for the road videos and drone video for the open field
  • Otis Eastern - April 2018
    Seneca Nation NY
    Documented pre construction conditions of new gas line in the Seneca Nation
    territories. Documented road surface conditions, bridges, sidewalks,
    homeowner and businesses.
  • Border Patrol Construction - March 2018
    Wooster Ohio
    Documented pre construction conditions of new gas line in Wooster Ohio
    with focus on homeowner property, roads and sidewalks
  • Hensel Phelps - March 2018
    Blackstone Virginia
    Documented Pre Construction Conditions for U.S. Government at
    Fort Pickett Military Base. Providing monthly progress video and photography
    for 24 month construction contract.
  • Minnesota Limited Construction - March 2018
    Columbus Ohio
    Documented pre construction conditions of new gas line in Xenia Ohio
    with focus on homeowner property, roads and sidewalks
  • Precision Pipeline Solutions - March 2018
    Baltimore MD
    Documented pre construction conditions of new gas line in city
    neighborhoods and roads with focus on homeowners property,
    roadways and sidewalks.
  • Otis Eastern - February 2018
    Buffalo NY
    Documented pre construction conditions seven townships and two counties
    along route of new pipeline. Focus of video was road surface conditions.
  • NorthEast Remco - January 2018
    Harrisbugh PA
    Documented pre construction conditions of proposed
    temporary sewer line documenting roads, sidewalks, waterways,
    retaining walls, fences, utilities and businesses in downtown
    of city of Harrisburg PA
  • Hensel Phelps - December 2017
    Blackstone, VA
    Documented Pre-Construction Conditions for U.S. Government
    at Fort Pickett Military Base
  • SJ Louis Construction - November 2017
    Fairfax, VA
    Documented Road Surface, Curbs, Sidewalks & Utilities
    at George Mason University
  • Prysmian Construction - October 2017
    Baltimore, MD
    Documented Homes, Businesses, Road Surface, Curbs,
    Sidewalks and Utilities prior to water line construction
  • A. Meranted Construction - September 2017
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Documented Homes and Businesses along pipeline
    construction path
  • Otis Eastern - August 2017
    Eden, NY
    Documented Road Surface Conditions along limits of
    disturbance prior to start of construction of pipeline
  • GMP Contracting - May 2017
    New Jersey
    Documented Road Surface Conditions
    Memorial Parkway from Delaware River to I-78
  • Rubin Museum of Art - May 2017
    Manhattan, New York City
    Documented pre-construction conditions of floors, walls
    foundation, elevator shafts, rooftops and display areas
  • Conti Solar - Apr 2017
    White River Area, Vermont
    Documented Road Surface Conditions, Bridges, Sidewalks
    homes and businesses on Rt 132 from I-89 & I-91
  • LGC GLOBAL - Mar 2017
    Detroit, Michigan
    Water Line Constuction
    Documented sidewalks & roadway conditions
    for city of Detroit.
  • Layne Water, Mineral & Energy Co. - Feb 2017
    Wampum, Pennsylvania
    Documented pipeline path near Allegheny River
    and Railroad Tracks
  • Infrasource Construction - Jan 2017
    North Jackson, Ohio
    Documented 12 miles of Pipeline Path
  • Garney Construction - Nov 2016
    Alexandria, Virginia
    Documented road surface, sidewalks and existing structures along
    proposed pipeline path
  • Allan Myers/VDOT - Aug 2016
    I-64 Virginia
    Documented road surface & bridge conditions
  • Massaro Corporation - Jul 2016
    Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Documented buildings, roads, parking lots & utilities in area of
    Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA
  • PAR Electric - Jul 2016
    Documented road surface conditions in North Indiana state
    145 miles of roadways documented
  • Ferreira Construction - Jun 2016
    Clinton, Maryland
    Documented pipeline path near
    Keys Energy Center. Documented
    roadways, sidewalks, homes & businesses
  • Oakmont Country Club - Jun 2016
    U.S. Open Golf Championship, Oakmont, Pennsylvania
    Documented pre construction conditions of Golf Course prior
    to U.S. OPEN Golf Championship at Oakmont Country Club
  • Otis Eastern - Jun 2016
    Pennsylvania & New York
    Documented road surface conditions on border of PA/NY states
  • SJ Louis Construction Inc - May 2016
    Dulles National Airport, Maryland
    Documented pipeline path in woods and roads in Maryland
    in area of Dulles National Airport
  • Welded Inc - 2014 - 2016
    Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania
    Multiple Pipeline Documentation in Ohio, Michigan & PA
  • S&R Construction - 2013 - 2015
    New Hampshire & Massachussetts
    Documented pre demolition conditions and implosion of structures
    in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & PA

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