Transmission Line Upgrades, Pre-Construction Video and Photography – May 2020

Contractor – Newville Construction Services

Lower Chanceford and Peach Bottom, York County, Pennsylvania
Transmission Line Upgrades
Video and Photography
May 2020


For this Pre Construction Video we were hired by the contractor Newville Construction Services. We have done projects in Pennsylvania and other states for the past five years with several contractors including PAR Electric, Zachry Construction, and Wilson Electric. The goal of this project was to document residences, culverts, fences, and other personal property that could be impacted by the installation of new transmissions towers along a seven mile stretch in Lower Chanceford and Peach Bottom Townships, Pennsylvania in York County. This project required construction video documentation and pre construction photography.

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The focus of the video and photography was to document the road surfaces, sidewalks, curbs, culverts, retaining walls, utilities and landscaping along the proposed construction path for the project that the Newville Construction Services would be undertaking. ALL PRO USA documented each section of the project in a logical manner using a three person team. By documenting the project in this way the contractor has a cohesive package that can be watched from start to finish to see all of the areas within the limits of disturbance or jump to a particular residence or intersection along the proposed path. 
The project that Newville Construction Services was undertaking was the replacement of a group of transmission towers along a seven mile stretch starting from a substation at Face Rock above the Susquehanna River and stretched to the Maryland and Pennsylvania border. Safety was a number one priority for the team with this being a path that ran through long stretches of farm land everyone took precautions so that no one ended up with an injury. Most of the areas were pretty desolate and not easy to reach with a vehicle. Each of us had high vis vests and hats on, we were not required to wear hardhats but they were readily available in the truck. To document the area we used our truck mounted camera, and state of the art Cannon DSLR Cameras and Nikon Mirrorless Cameras. For the ground level perspective of the lines we utilized the Nikon Camera mounted to a DJI Ronin Gimbal system. We also utilized our DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone for aerial documentation of the lines.
The contractor provided us a map that highlighted the line and the streets that would need to be documented. The team took care to document all conditions that we saw as we moved through the streets and along the line it self. We were able to provide the contractor with two distinct angles of coverage. The first angle that we provided was from the truck with a camera mounted to it. This method was used to document the road surface conditions along the proposed project path were the line crossed over or roads that would be used to access the towers. The other angle was from a handheld perspective with a member of the team walking the line and documenting anything that they saw within the limits of disturbance. The focus of this second perspective was to pay closer attention to the areas around the towers and the residences along the projects path. Splitting the project up this way provides a greater level of detail for the contractor. This allows for two pairs of eyes to be documenting the pre existing conditions. What this means is that damages or imperfections that could go unseen are caught by one member of the team. This also gives the contractor a wider field of vision over the proposed project path. The third perspective for this project was our drone. We utilized the drone to cover the towers from an aerial view and document the entire project from start to finish. This unique perspective offers aerial views of the terrain that would be impacted by the replacement of the towers.

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