South Guilford Hills Water Main Replacement, Pre-Construction Video – July 2020

Contractor – Ankiewicz Enterprises

Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Water Main Replacement
Pre Construction Video
July 2020


ALL PRO USA made their way to Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania for a project that required the documentation of a neighborhood that would be under going the replacement of the water mains that serviced it. The contractor that hired us for this project was Ankiewicz Enterprises. For this documentation we were asked to survey the road surfaces, curbs, driveways, residences, and other parts of the neighborhood that would be impacted by the project that the contractor was undertaking. In terms of scale ALL PRO USA has completed several projects similar to this particular one. For planning we utilized the plans provided by the contractor to carefully review all of the areas that would need to be documented. A two person team tackled this job utilizing state of the art video cameras and our RAM 1500 truck.

The Contractor required detailed documentation of the road surfaces that made up the neighborhood. To complete this documentation the team mounted the video camera to the RAM 1500 truck and crawled between two to five miles per hour along the streets. Safety was a number one priority for the team and is always at the top of our list when we start to work through documenting a project. The team was wearing high visibility vests and hats throughout the completion of the project. Although they were not required for this particular project we had hard hats with us in the truck should they become a necessity. In addition to the PPE that the team was wearing the truck was clearly marked with lights and magnetic markings on the tailgate to make it clearly visible to any one traveling the roads being documented. Also the reason for the two person team was to allow one of the members to focus on the operation of the vehicle and the other member to focus on the operation of the camera to ensure that the shot is what the contractor required. All of this particular project was able to be captured using the camera on the truck since the curbs and driveways did not have cars parked in front of them. 

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Each street that we had to document got three passes of video. The first of these was with the camera focused straight ahead on the road surface of each street. As said earlier when this is done the speed of the vehicle is kept to a minimum to ensure that the video is stable and clear. Once the road surface documentation was complete the camera was turned to the side of the road to allow for the capture of the curbs, driveways and residences along the road. This is made possible because the camera operator inside the vehicle has full control over Pan, Tilt, and Zoom of the camera with the in cab controls. They also have a monitor to allow them to view what the camera sees and ensure that the shots are properly framed for the contractor. Once the first pass of the street with the camera was completed the truck was repositioned and the other side of the road was documented. 
Once the project has been completely documented in the field the team returns to the studio and begins editing the footage that has been recorded of the project site. The clips are edited so that the only part of the shots that are given to the contractor are the ones that they need to view. This makes finding a part of the project easier for the contractor if they need to find a specific residence or road. All of the clips that are given to the contractor are named by the street that is being recorded and are labeled with clear start and stop points. The project is given to them on both physical hard drives and uploaded online to a gallery that can be viewed from computers, smart phones, tablets, or whatever device is being used to view them. 
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Do you have a project that needs our services? Learn more by calling 412-373-9100, email us at or using our
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