Reading, Ohio, Pre-Construction Video – January 2021

Contractor – InfraSource

Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio
Pre Construction Video Documentation
Pre Construction Video
January 2021

All Pro USA was awarded a contract near the City of Cincinnati, Ohio . The contractor that requested our services for this particular project was Infrasource. The job that Infrasource would be undertaking was a new pipeline that would travel approximately twelve miles through different towns near Cincinnati. The contractor required us to document any pre existing conditions that we saw while working through the job site. Key items they asked us to document were road surfaces, curbs, sidewalks, culverts, storm drains, and man hole covers. We carefully planned how we would shoot the project to insure that we had captured all parts of the job site that the contractor needed. This particular project required us to on shoot video and did not require Construction Photography Documentation. The cameras that was used for the documentation was a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera and a Sony A7Siii. Safety is always a top priority for us here at ALL PRO USA, all members of the team in the field wore the appropriate high visibility vests and hats. We also had hard hats and safety googles packed in the truck should they become a necessity. 

OH Construction Video

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Since this project required us to document the road surfaces, we mounted the Sony A7Siii to the RAM 1500 truck and began the documentation. The team then traveled the roads at speeds under 10 miles per hour to capture the documentation that the contractor needed. The roads were captured in both directions of travel where it was a necessity to ensure that where the line would be installed was properly documented throughout the entire length of the project. The camera is wired to controls inside the cab of the truck that allow the camera to be safely controlled from inside the vehicle. This allows for us to safely operate the camera and the vehicle so that we can capture the shot that we need for the contractor. This project did not require it, but at ALL PRO USA we do have the capabilities to capture documentation from the air. With our two FAA certified pilots we can capture your worksite from unique perspectives up to 400 feet above ground level. In addition to the shots that were captured from the trucks perspective, the team also used the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera and a DJI Ronin Gimbal to document areas of the project that the truck could not get access to or when it was better for the overall quality of the shot. By utilizing both of these methods we were able to provide the contractor with comprehensive coverage of the entire job site.
This project had a couple of challenges that we had to overcome to ensure the proper documentation for the contractor. Along the proposed route of the project there were several businesses and large scale plants that were fenced off to the general public. We had to make contact with the various security teams to gain access to the areas that we needed to document to ensure that the contractor received the documentation that they needed. This also required the team to carefully study the plans to ensure that when we were allowed access to certain areas we got everything that we needed so that we did not have to go through the process of regaining access to those areas. The other challenge that we faced was the line crossed railroad tracks several times throughout the course of the project and this required even further planning so that the team stayed off of railroad property but still captured the shots that the contractor needed. This also posed a safety challenge and the team took care to not put anyone in harm while capturing areas around the railroad tracks. 

Once the documentation was completed by the team at the job site, it was time to return home and begin work on the editing of the project so that we can get it to the contractor in a timely manner. The video was edited to have the date in the top corner and with on screen titles to make it easier for the contractor to know exactly what part of the job site they were looking at. Once the editing is completed we upload the edited clips to online hosting so that we can get the documentation to the contractor in near real time. We also copy the files to two USB flash drives and mail them to the contractor to provide them with physical copies to keep on hand should they need them. 
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