Lock and Dam Renovations, Haul Routes, Pre-Construction Video and Photography – May 2020

Contractor – S.J. Hamill

Fort Gaines, Clay County, Georgia and Alabama State Line
Lock and Dam Renovations
Pre Construction Video
May 2020


All Pro USA took a trip to down to Georgia for this job. This particular project required us to visit a site near Fort Gaines, Georgia in Clay County. The contractor that hired us for this project was S.J. Hamill. The company is based out of Charleston, South Carolina. For this particular project we had to document the haul routes that would be used while the contractor was working renovating portions of the Walter F. George Lock and Dam. We were also documenting the area for the Army Corp of Engineers that would be assisting in the completion of the project. The project manager and an official from the Army Corp of Engineers were present during the documentation. Our specific task was to document areas that would be used to transport supplies for the project to ensure that they were repaired should any damage happen. The other focus of documentation was to show existing conditions in areas that the contractor was not responsible for repairing upon the completion of the project. This gives both parties peace of mind to know that the contractor is not required to fix something that was not on them. This project required construction video documentation, but did not require progress construction photography.

GA Construction Video

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In total there were five roads that required documentation. Using the help of the project manager and the plans for the job we were able to accurately document the project using the station markers that existed along the routes. This makes the documentation easier for them to view and understand exactly where along the route the specific documentation was taking place. The documentation was not only focused on the road, but also the guard rails and bridges that existed in the area as well. In addition to the haul routes that were marked for in the area of the dam we also documented the state routes that intersected with the routes that the trucks would have to use to access the areas of the dam. We also had to document two lay down areas that would be utilized by the contractor through out the project.
This job not only took place in Georgia, but a section of the dam was also across the Alabama state line. The reservoir and the river below the dam followed along the state line of Georgia and Alabama. For this project we utilized a nikon mirrorless camera that was mounted to a DJI Ronin Gimbal and then mounted to our RAM 1500 truck to document the road surfaces and guide rails that were within the limits of the project. For the lay down areas that needed documentation we utilized the camera mounted to the RAM Truck as well as our DJI MAVIC Pro 2 Drone. Our drone pilots have studied and passed the Part 107, which is the certification test for drone pilots that will be working on a job site. Utilizing the drone allows for a unique perspective of the areas being documented. The normal shots that people are accustomed to seeing are the extremely high altitude shots. Those are the shots that were used in this particular project. That is not the only way that a drone can be used. Lower altitude shots of an area can expose detail and provide an even more unique perspective of the job site. The stabilization provided by the drone is almost unmatched for this type of documentation.

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