Key Biscayne Ritz Carlton, Post-Construction Photography – August 2020


Contractor – Petrie Construction

Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade County, Florida
Ritz Carlton Pool Upgrades
Post Construction Photography
August 2020


ALL PRO USA went to Miami to head to Key Biscayne in Florida, the project that we were undertaking was the documentation of the updates that were made to the pool at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Key Biscayne. The contractor that hired us for this project was Petrie Construction. For this photo documentation we were asked to showcase the work that Petrie had done to the two pools at the resort. This project required a different attention to detail, the goal was to show off the work that Petrie had done. The elements that they asked us to capture were the brick and cement work that they had completed around the pools. The two pools that we were documenting were the family pool area and the adult pool area. This job did not require us to utilize construction video documentation, although we did provide the contractor with some video shots of the areas with our drone.

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The Contractor required detailed documentation to happen as quickly as possible after the completion of their job. The reason for this was to ensure that the updates were in the best conditions when they documented. A two person team made the trip down to Florida to document the areas needed. To document the pools the team used three pieces of equipment. Two still cameras were used, one was a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera and the other was a Canon 5D Mark IV camera. Both of these cameras were used with wide angle lens to ensure a wide field of view to show details in a wide area from up close. The other piece of equipment that was used was a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This is our drone of choice when we take to the air for documentation in both video and photography formats. ALL PRO USA has two FAA certified drone pilots that have passed the Part 107 exam and are licensed to fly drones for commercial purposes.  From the ground for this particular project one of the members of the team focused on one of the pools at a time. The contractor had provided us a list of shots that they would like to be captured. They wanted to see the cabanas that they built, the decorative brick work that they did around the pool and the pool deck, the concrete work that they did around the pool area and the work that they did to around the bar and the pool side restaurant. The photographer on the ground utilized both of the still cameras to capture some phenomenal looks at the areas requested. Each area was documented from a plethora of angles to ensure a proper showcase of the work done by the contractor.
Once the ground level documentation was completed the team worked together to get the drone in the air to finish the documentation. The remote pilot in command focused on operating the controls and capturing the shots needed. The other member of the team acted as a visual observer to help keep an eye on the drone while it was in the air. While in the air we captured photographs of all of the areas that were specified by the contractor. Once we concluded the capture of the photographs we captured a couple videos for the contractor of the area as well. This was an added bonus that we decided to do for the contractor once we got on site even though it was not requested. I mentioned earlier that the DJI Mavic was our drone of choice the reason for this is it helped us tackle one of the challenges that this job posed. This job was a little out of our range for driving since we are based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This required us to take a flight down to Miami. The Mavic is a small form factor drone that allows us to easily transport it. Since we were flying we wanted to make sure that we were able to take all of the equipment on the plane with us and not risk anything with checked bags. We were able to board the flight with only carry on bags which allowed us to ensure the safety of the equipment.  

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