Charter School, Post-Construction Photography – September 2020

Contractor – Shannon Construction

Homestead, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Charter School Remodel
Post Construction Photography
September 2020


For this Post-Construction photography project ALL PRO USA was asked to go to Homestead, PA to the Waterfront to the old Macy’s building. Shannon Construction was the contractor that had asked us for our services for this particular project. They were renovating the old Macy’s Building for a charter school on the bottom floor. This was the focus for the job that we had to complete. The contractor had tasked the team that was on site to capture specific viewpoints throughout the building. Prior to the start of the documentation we had met with a member of the contractors team. She took us through the building and showed us exactly what was done throughout the building by their people. As the team went room to room they started to evaluate the best way to capture each of the rooms. After walking through the entire building the team split up to ensure that they would not get in each others way. For these types of shoots it can be challenging if there is a lot of activity around the photographer. Most of the time we end up using long exposures that help capture the room properly. If someone were to walk through the frame it would blur the image where they were walking. So this posed a challenge and required awareness and communication to ensure that none of the photos were ruined and if something did happen they were reshot.

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After completing the documentation of the interior of the building, the contractor had asked us to capture some lighting that they installed on the side of the building. To capture these photographs, timing was going to be a huge factor in making sure the lights were visible but that it was not so dark that the building did not show up in the photos. The team waited until just before sunset and headed out to get set up for the outside shots of the building. These lights posed their on challenge for the Photographers because they were color changing. This meant that there was a limit to the settings that the photographers could use to capture the photos. If the exposure was to long the lights would just appear to be white because of the way the camera works. Originally we were going to use the drone for this shoot for some unique angles, but that was prevented by the windy conditions on the day of the project. Our FAA Drone Pilot decided that the flight was not safe and the wind posed to much of a threat to the drone being in the air.
This project was completed using a variety of equipment. Each of the photographer took their camera of choice and a tripod to the job site. The cameras that the team had were a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera. The drone that would have been used would have been our DJI Mavic Pro 2, but the flight had to be scrapped. Once the documentation on site was complete the team returned back to the studio. This project had to be turned out quick because the contractor needed the photos to submit before a deadline that was a few days after the project. The team took this into consideration and made sure that the photos were edited and provided to the contractor on time. We provided the photos on a digital platform to ensure that the contractor received them as quickly as possible. We also copied the project to two USB drives so that the contractor could keep them on file in a physical form as well.

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