AMC Sundial, Post-Construction Photography

Contractor – Petrie Construction

Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida
Movie Theater, Post-Construction
Construction Photography
December 2019


For this Post Construction Photography we were hired by the contractor Petrie Construction. This particular project did not require progress videography or construction videography. We have done projects in Florida and other states for the past five years with several contractors including PAR Electric, Wilson Electric, New River Electric and Meade Electric. This project required ALL PRO USA to document an AMC movie theater after Petrie had made renovations to the building. We were asked to capture all of the screens, their seating, exterior shots of the theater, concessions stands and exteriors of the screen rooms. This project brought ALL PRO USA to sunny Florida to visit the AMC Sundial Theater in St. Petersburg.

FL Construction Video

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Exterior of the Theater

The Project that Petrie Construction was undertaking was the renovation of AMC movie theaters in different parts of the country. The team from ALL PRO USA that took on this project utilized state of the art DSLR cameras to capture the pictures required by the contractor. One of the biggest challenges for this project is time. Once we get on site we only have a few short hours to capture everything needed all while the movie theater is getting ready to open for business. The other challenge is lighting, with a movie theater traditionally being a dark place and not having the best lights we have to make use of our flashes, other light sources and HDR Photography to ensure we capture the proper image. 

Photos of the IMAX Theater

The focus of the photography for this project was to capture all aspects of the theater and the screening rooms housed inside of it. The contractor asked us to showcase all of the seating, screens, entrances to the screening room as well as the IMAX theaters in detail. ALL PRO USA documented and organized the photos in a logical manner so that the contractor could quickly find a particular image should they need it. We categorized the images be screen number, IMAX Theater, and exterior shots to make them easily reviewable. 

Theater Number 2 and Entrance

Concessions Stand and Lobby

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