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AllProUSA: Pittsburgh’s Professional Video Company with a Hometown Touch

Video Portfolio

Where a picture speaks a thousand words, a video brings an entire world to life!  On our Video Portfolio page you’ll find a variety of video samples, from corporate training and safety videos to broadcast quality commercials, sports videos, and more.

AllProUSA is Pittsburgh’s source for business video production services.  We produce marketing, training, safety, broadcast quality commercial videos, sports videos, and more!

With more than 25 years of experience serving the City of Bridges and businesses throughout the Pittsburgh region, AllProUSA offers a seasoned, professional approach you’ll appreciate.  As a long-standing business in the Pittsburgh area, AllProUSA is invested in our local communities and their needs.  We’ve grown and expanded but, through it all, we’ve maintained that neighbor-to-neighbor congeniality for which Pittsburghers are famous.

The Adventure Begins

In 1987, Bob Harnett Video Production Company shot its first TV ad for Nigros Italian Restaurant.  This early piece was such a hit that, as the news of Bob’s appearance on the video scene spread and word-of-mouth brought in new clients, within a few short years the company had grown, meriting a new name: AllPro Video.  In 1989, All Pro Video incorporated, becoming All Pro Video Production Inc.

While that’s still our corporate name, we’re better known today as AllProUSA, Multimedia.

Bob Harnett has remained at the helm of his company throughout and, to this day, continues to bring his warm, enthusiastic personal touch to every project.

We Know and Appreciate Pittsburgh

As we grew, we began shooting for VECTORS Pittsburgh. This organization recognized the "Men and Women of the Year" in Pittsburgh in various fields including Government, Medicine, Education, Entertainment, Arts, Religion, Technology, Finance and more.

During this time we had the unique opportunity to meet, interview and discuss methods of their success with some of Pittsburgh’s best and brightest including, Mayor Murphy, TV personalities Patrice King Brown, "Chilly Bill Cardille," Radio Personalities, John Cigna & Larry Richert of KDKA, Doctor Freddie Fu and Doctor DiGioia, Federal attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, CEOs Suzanne W. (Suzy) Broadhurst of Eat N Park & Dan Sullivan of FedEx Ground, District Attorney Stephen Zappala, and the guru of documentaries, Rick Sebak.

As the nineties progressed we moved to the "new" format of Digital Media. The digital revolution was upon us and we set out to master it for the benefit of our customers.  New terms became common for us: Adobe Premiere, Encore, Final Cut Pro. We now were able to edit and create using advanced computer technology instead of the burdensome editing decks and video controllers of the past. With the new equipment available and our increasing skill sets and training, if the project could be imagined, we could make it real.

Far from over, the digital revolution continues today, enabling us to bring high definition, Blu Ray quality even to small businesses ready to invest in video promotions.

AllProUSA Multimedia

Our new name reflects both our new growth and our strong awareness that video alone isn’t enough.  We’re investigating Fusion Photography, a mix of HD Video and Digital Photography.  You can be sure if it’s new and cool, AllProUSA can do it!

As part of our strong commitment to our community, AllProUSA regularly provides internships for college students interested in videography and multimedia productions.  Their enthusiasm and creativity keeps our outlook fresh, while providing AllProUSA with the opportunity to hone the skills of Pittsburgh’s next generation of video professionals.

Contact AllProUSA today.  We can’t wait to become a part of your success story, whether it’s for broadcast quality commercial video, product placement, safety and training videos, documentary production, professional and amateur sports, infomercials, and more.