Construction Videos for OH & East United States

Ohio Construction Video

Across Ohio, ALL PRO USA is the Contractors choice for Construction and Pre Construction Video and Photography including Road Videos, Aerial Drone Coverage, and Progress Video of Worksites. Learn more and view videos of recently completed projects in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton and Toledo.

Wooster Ohio (near Akron - Canton)

Contractors - Border Patrol LLC & Engineering Associates

This video construction project was part of a sewer line replacement in Wooster Ohio. For this project ALL PRO USA was hired by the contractors, Border Patrol LLC and Engineering Associates, Inc. to detail the roads and front sides of homes that would be impacted by construction.

Recording of the township roads was done using 4K Video Cameras mounted to our vehicle while passing each lane at 4mph to provide exceptional clarity of cracks, tearing or other damage to the road surface.

Some roads had a culverts that passed beneath driveways and although not required for the job, we wanted to get a look at it from above and decided to fly the drone at a medium and high level. Progress video will be limited to a post construction video that may require photography.

The contractor was more than pleased to see the overall view of his work site in a way he never had seen. Our goal is always to do more than what is expected.

Hudson Ohio (near Cleveland)

Municipal Building Project
Contractor - Cavanaugh Building Corp.

This Construction Video Project for the City of Hudson Ohio involved video documentation a job site where construction was set to begin of a Salt Storage Facility and Bus Maintenance Garage for the school district. Townships and Municipalities often require contractors to provide pre construction video and it was a requirement on this project.

ALL PRO USA was hired by the contractor, Cavanaugh Building Corp. to document the roadways, sidewalks, curbs, driveways, culverts, retaining walls, landscaping and utilities within the lines of disturbance to provide an accurate record of the pre construction conditions.

A general overall view of the job site was requested and since the area was mostly woods, we decided to fly our drone over the entire work site using the schematics and maps. The aerial view from the drone provided exceptional images of the wetlands that were a major concern of excavation. Progress Video and Progress Photography will be provided at intervals to be decided by the contractor and municipality.

Xenia, Ohio (near Dayton - Columbus)

Natural Gas Pipeline Installation
Contractor - Minnesota Limited LLC

This pre construction video project was a gas line replacement in Xenia Ohio with the center line traveling through backyards of several homes in the township. As mentioned in previous columns, Townships and Municipalities often require contractors to provide pre construction video.

In this case it was the contractor, Minnesota Limited, that was concerned and hired ALL PRO USA to document the pre construction conditions of the homeowners property including fences, landscaping, patios, foundations, retaining walls driveways, garages, sheds and sidewalks.

In addition to our ground level camera operator getting the detail required of the pre existing damage, we decided a multi level aerial view with a drone would be useful. From this short video you can see the center line and LODs (lines of disturbance) providing an accurate view of the construction proximity to the homeowners property.

We also used our vehicle mounted cameras to record the pre construction conditions of the roadways in and out of the job site. Our thorough documentation assured that the contractor would be covered with regards to township and county roads that may be affected. This project did not require our progress video or Progress Photography services.

Port Clinton Ohio (near Toledo - Sandusky) - Industrial Project

Customer - Fenner Dunlop Americas

For this production project ALL PRO USA was contracted by Fenner Dunlop, a multi-national manufacturer of products including heavy belting used in the coal mining industry. Fenner Dunlop was preparing to launch a new product, Patriot X, for lighter materials designed for light aggregates and farming products.

We were tasked with spending a few days at their manufacturing plant in Port Clinton Ohio to create a marketing video for use on their web site as well as trade shows and general marketing.

ALL PRO USA has done previous projects for Fenner Dunlop in Lavonia Georgia and Pittsburgh PA as well as Port Clinton, so we were given full access to the plant and research research & development labs. The project was shot inside the facility using our 4K Video Cameras and Full Frame Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Still Photography Cameras.

For safety reasons we could not fly our drone inside so we attached a GoPro to a crane for what turned out to be the customers favorite shot of the video.

The Patriot X product launched on time and the promo-marketing video we produced was so successful that we were then asked to re-mix the video in various languages for multi national marketing.